... has become my philosophy. On my five-month journey after finishing my master’s degree, the days and months seemed to be so short and so long at the same time, as if time had been expanded and compressed simultaneously. All just because I had done, seen, and lived more. At first I didn't think about it any further, but after I had returned to Europe I came to realise: Why should I only experience time this way when I’m travelling? Is there a way to feel this intensity at least in parts in everyday real life? Since then I have been pushing myself – beyond "the normal". To do more, to live more, towards discomfort and uncertainty, towards more experiences whenever possible, to be more active, to face my fears and sound out my limits. That's when I feel most alive.

Born in August 1984 in Cologne and on the move since then with an unending fascination for unknown places, since 2007 the homebase is Switzerland. Taking tremendous delight in connecting with other people and in sharing thoughts and ideas. Besides a passion for "the great outdoors" and photography, many other things rank pretty high on the to-do list: travelling, collecting and sharing inspiration, telling stories, learning new things and surpassing limits. For work as well as personally fascinated by social media, storytelling, psychology, brand building and design. Besides work mostly to be found either in the mountains, on a slackline or at the climbing gym.

Things I love to do in my spare time...